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The Pacific Style Story   


One hundred years ago, man commercially planted coconut palms. Coconut became the provider of many products: oils, cosmetics, medicines, food and building materials. Any place on earth that was coastal and 25 degrees north or south of the equator was inundated with row, upon row, upon row of coconut palms.
That was yesterday!

Today, not only has the demand for coconut products fallen, but most of the older trees are senile. All over the world coconut palms must make way for other cash crops or new improved hybrid palms. "It is ecologically sound and sensible to recycle all senile palms. Use them as a valuable resource to replace indigenous forest timbers".
This is the charter of the company Pacific Green.

"Using palmwood, instead of indigenous timbers, causes no hurt. It helps preserve nature for our children ...you don't have to cut another rainforest tree if you use the alternative; readily available PALMWOOD". Pacific Green is the brainchild of Australian designer, Bruce Dowse. Bruce saw the devastation to our fragile environment caused by logging, and introduced his 'timber substitution theory' of palm technology. His objective ... save the indigenous forest by using PALMWOOD

Today, 12 years on, his theories are successful ... we cut it, dry it, we use it. Out of the unwanted we produce world-standard furniture and building materials. There is no waste as by-products go to ultra-inexpensive heating, cooking and agricultural uses - all of which are particularly supportive of the local economy. The creation of a commercially viable palmwood industry has evolved... sustainable in a developing world environment. An industry that
destroys nothing and uses the unwanted.
Now THAT is an industry!

As the approved retailer of Pacific Green furniture and building products, Pacific Style Furnishings is committed to the same ecological commitment.


The Pacific Style Floor Plan
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